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AC/DC lead vocalist Brian Johnson trod the boards in the 1970s with Newcastle-based Geordie.

The band who were often referred to as ‘Newcastle’s answer to Slade‘ scored a handful of hits across Europe (especially in Germany), including Don’t Do That (their first single from September 1972), All Because Of You, Can You Do It?, Electric LadyRide On BabyShe’s A TeaserBlack Cat Woman and Goodbye Love.


Geordie developed out of USA, a Newcastle rock band formed by bassist Tom Hill with drummer Brian Gibson and guitarist Vic Malcolm from The Influence, a local act whose past membership also included Roxy Music’s Paul Thompson.

They changed their name to Geordie shortly after Johnson joined in February 1972, around the same time as they signed with Red Bus Management.

A deal with Regal Zonophone followed and, that autumn, Geordie tore down from the frozen north and demanded Don’t Do That.

Their albums were Hope You Like It (1973), Don’t Be Fooled By The Name (1974)Save The World (1976) and No Good Woman (1978).


Brian Johnson replaced the late Bon Scott in AC/DC 1980, but it’s sad to think that Geordie have been relegated to little more than a bit part in the AC/DC story because, in their prime, they were at least as good as the Aussie rockers and a signal influence on them as well.

They were certainly a far cry from the handful of nowhere pub bands and they scored more Top Ten hits than the Australians.

Brian Johnson
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