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Group 1850

Emerging from the renowned Dutch group Klits (short for ‘clitoris’) from The Hague, Group 1850 were an interesting, if sometimes exasperating, late-’60s Dutch band who ranked among the most accomplished and original Continental rock acts of the era, though they made little impression in English-speaking territories.

The line-up in 1965 consisted of Peter Sjardin (vocals), Trevor Dirksen (guitar), Caspar Kiebert (drums), Chris Zieck (bass) & Jacques de Jong (guitar). On 1 January 1966, the group renamed itself Groep 1850.

In 1966, the line-up changed to Peter Sjardin (vocals, flute, organ), Ruud van Buuren (bass), Daniel van Bergen (guitar and piano), Beer Klaasse (drums) & Rob de Rijke (bass and flute).

In September 1967 they played at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, opening for the Mothers of Invention. The LP Agemo’s Trip To Mother Earth (1968) was the first Dutch concept LP, featuring works of poet Hans Wesseling.

The group disbanded in 1968 for almost a year and then chose Amsterdam as the home base for their reunion.

The new line-up consisted of Peter and Daniel and some new members: Dave Duba (guitar), Dolf Geldof (bass) and jazz drummer Martin van Duynhoven.

From 1971 onwards, Groep 1850 worked on and off. Their late-’60s LPs remain highly esteemed by some serious psych/progressive collectors.

Peter Sjardin
Vocals, flute, organ
Daniel van Bergen 

Guitar, piano
Trevor Dirksen

Caspar Kiebert 

Ruud van Buuren 

Chris Zieck 

Jacques de Jong

Beer Klaasse 

Rob de Rijke 

Bass, flute
Dave Duba 

Dolf Geldof 

Martin van Duynhoven