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Haysi Fantayzee

Former model Kate Garner and former disc jockey Jeremy Healy put together a mad brew of skipping-rope chants, backwoods fiddle, sadistic percussion, demented piano pounding and Malcolm McLaren-style studio trickery to bring the world Haysi Fantayzee.


The duo sang/spoke almost exclusively in cartoon lingo and made-up jargon – as evidenced in the lyrics to John Wayne Is Big Leggy (1982): “Shotgun gimme gimme lowdown funboy, OK yeah showdown”.

And when Kate lamented, “uh-oh, I lost my dodi,” it was almost frightening to imagine what her ‘dodi’ might actually be!

Kate Garner went on to become a renowned photographer in the rock world while Jeremy Healy has found a degree of fame as a DJ and producer.

Jeremy Healy
Kate Garner