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Headboys, The

Formed in Edinburgh from the ashes of a pop group called Badger, The Headboys secured a lucrative deal with Robert Stigwood’s RSO label on the strength of a set of superior demos recorded at keyboard player Calum Malcolm’s own studio.

They enjoyed a minor hit with The Shape of Things To Come in 1979 but a faintly ludicrous schoolboy image undermined their grasp of power pop. Their album, The Headboys was not a commercial success and the group split up shortly after its release.

Malcolm later relocated his studio, Castlesound Studios, to a village on the outskirts of Edinburgh where it became one of the leading recording centres in Britain. Clients included Simple Minds and The Blue Nile, for whom Malcolm acted as an auxiliary member.

Lou Lewis
Vocals, guitar
George Boyter 

Bass, vocals
Calum Malcolm 

Keyboards, vocals
Davie Ross 

Drums, vocals