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Headpins was formed in Vancouver, Canada, in 1980 by ex-Chilliwack men Brian MacLeod and Ab Bryant.

Fronted by former fashion model Darby Mills  – who was possessed of an abrasive voice that would strip paint – the group released their debut album, Turn It Loud, in 1982.

The debut LP would go on to sell over a quarter of a million copies in Canada alone and be certified double platinum, making it one of the most successful debut albums by a Canadian group ever.


After touring extensively in North America and Europe (with Whitesnake), they returned with their follow-up, Line Of Fire (1983), from whence came the singles, Just One More Time and Don’t Stand In The Line Of Fire.

The album was something of a departure, with the addition of synthesizers and a horn section.

Nearly two years passed until Headpins returned to the studio, to record their third album, Head Over Heels (1985).

A lengthy hiatus followed, interrupted only by Mills’ solo effort Never Look Back (1991).

Brian MacLeod died in 1992 after a brief battle with cancer. The group re-formed near the end of the decade, adding guitarists Tony Dellacroce and Alfie Galpin.

A greatest hits package was released in 2002, and Headpins continue to tour North America.

Darby Mills 
Brian MacLeod 

Ab Bryant 

Bernie Aubin 

Tony Dellacroce 

Alfie Galpin