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Holly & The Italians

This American group was fronted by Holly Vincent on vocals and guitar. The bass player’s name was Mark Sidgwick (he also played guitars, sang and wrote songs) and the drummer was Steve Young.

Holly Vincent was born in Chicago, but grew up in Los Angeles. It was there she formed Holly & The Italians in 1978. The band had a very British approach, and it was in the UK that they were discovered, after moving to London.


Charlie Gillett – who had started Oval Records – contracted them and released the first single Tell That Girl To Shut Up. Virgin signed a contract with them for two albums after they had been warming up for Blondie on a tour.

The group split up after the first album (The Right To Be Italian), however, and Holly recorded a solo album to fulfil the Virgin contract.

Holly returned to the States, and for a short while was a member of The Waitresses. She recorded a song with Anthony Thistlethwaite (Waterboys) called Wild Things.

After marrying she seemed to disappear from the music world, although she continued writing songs.

In 1993 Vincent released an album, America, with a band called The Oblivious. In 1994 she recorded an album with Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, calledVowel Movement.

Vincent sometimes still plays at small clubs with a band, under her own name.

Holly Vincent 
Vocals, guitar
Mark Sidgwick 

Bass, guitar, vocals
Steve Young

Colin White

John LaForge