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Hollywood Brats

Like a less-famous British cousin of The New York Dolls, the Hollywood Brats also had a penchant for feather boas, glitter and tough rock & roll played with rough-and-tumble abandon.

Originally known as The Queen, the band was formed in London in 1971 by singer Andrew Matheson, keyboard player Casino Steel (real name Stein Groven) and drummer Lou Sparks. When Messrs Mercury, May and Co started to become popular, they were obliged to adopt a new name and Hollywood Brats was born.

Guitarist Eunan Brady and bassist Wayne Manor joined in 1972.

Although they only recorded one album which wasn’t released until after they had broken up, the band is now recognised as one of the pioneers of punk.

Andrew Matheson
Eunan Brady
Wayne Manor
Casino Steel (Stein Groven)
Lou Sparks