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Homosexuals, The

Active for only the briefest time between 1978 and 1981, like fellow South Londoners Alternative TV and This Heat, The Homosexuals used their mayfly-compatible lifespan to carve themselves a unique and often overlooked niche in the annals of punk history.

From the spiky treble-tastic bounce of My Night Out and the Voidoids-in-dub of Vociferous Slam, via the skewed skank of Soft South Africans, to the frantic Neutron Lover and weird pop lilt of Hearts In Exile, the frighteningly contemporary let’s-get-this-down-before-we-implode quality of their recordings has ensured their original vinyl release now commands serious money on the collector’s market.

Fortunately, their collected output is now available on digitally remastered CD.

Frontman Bruno Wizard (real name Bruno McQuillan) reformed The Homosexuals in 2003 and in 2007, playing with an assortment of musicians. He continues to perform with a version of the band.

Bruno Wizard (Bruno McQuillan)
Vocals, drums
Anton Hayman
Jim Welton