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Honeys, The

This surf music girl-group trio included Brian Wilson’s wife-to-be Marilyn, her sister Diane Rovell, and their cousin Ginger Blake.

None of their three 1963 released singles charted – neither did their version of the Patience and Prudence hit Tonight You Belong To Me, released six years later.

In 1973, Marilyn and Diane (without Ginger) called themselves Spring and released an album on United Artists, produced by Brian Wilson.

Despite justifiably excellent reviews, success eluded the girls yet again, and they eventually purchased the Spring masters back from the label.

In 1980, American Spring (as they were now known) emerged as a threesome and played some gigs in the Los Angeles area (presumably as a precursor to a new album), ironically opening at one venue for The Surf Punks.

Marilyn Rovell
Diane Rovell
Ginger Blake