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Howard Jones

High Wycombe School music teacher and part-time rock band member (he was briefly in a Canadian prog rock band called Warrior) Howard Jones paid for his first synth with money he received as compensation for a road accident.

The synthesizer allowed him to play solo gigs in pubs and clubs around south-east England, where he teamed up with a mime artist named Jed Hoile.


Described by one music writer as “desperately normal”, Jones scored five hit singles between August 1983 and the end of 1984 – New Song and What Is Love? reaching the Top Three – while his debut album (Human’s Lib) topped the UK chart.

The 12-inch Album – a budget-priced LP containing extended and remixed versions of his hits – also hit the Top 20 album charts.

It would have performed even better, had it not been for the proliferation at the time of compilation albums which contained Howard Jones hits.

By 1987 his hit-making touch had deserted him and he entered the restaurant business.