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Hummingbirds, The

Formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1986, The Hummingbirds comprised singer/guitarist (and principal songwriter) Simon Holmes, singer/guitarist Alannah Russack, singer/bassist Robyn St Clare and drummer Mark Temple.

Their debut LP, LoveBUZZ (1990), was produced by Let’s Active founder Mitch Easter, and featured a bumper crop of 14 melodic, hummable and deliciously abrasive original songs, most of them about soured friendships and love-gone-wrong.

Each of the tracks was jam-packed with smart, sharp hooks, bristling guitars and bracing splashes of choirboy/schoolgirl harmonies.


Simon Holmes
Vocals, guitar
Alannah Russack
Vocals, guitar
Robyn St Clare
Bass, vocals
Mark Temple
John Boyce
Bass, vocals