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Herd, The

The Herd reached #6 in Britain in 1967 with From The Underworld.

The blossoming of ‘flower power’ at that time brought the group two more hits in 1968 with Paradise Lost and the superb I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die.

The band was originally managed by Peter Frampton‘s art teacher father, Owen ‘Ossie’ Frampton, who insisted that his son got only £15 a week – the same as he would working at the post office. His services were soon dispensed with!

Despite great musicianship (notably from Frampton), the band declined after that.

Frampton re-emerged as a member of Humble Pie and eventually went on to international superstardom with a highly successful career as a solo performer in the 1970s.

Peter Frampton 
Guitar, vocals, bass, piano
Andy Bown 

Guitar, bass, organ, vocals
Gary Taylor 

Andrew Steele 

Tony Chapman 

Terry Clark