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Ian Gillan Band, The/Gillan

The Ian Gillan Band formed in London in the mid-70s after Ian Gillan left Deep Purple, a band he fronted between July 1969 and mid-1973. Gillan spent a year out of the rock business after leaving the supergroup.

After clearing his head, Gillan bought himself the old De Lane Lea Studios, renamed it Kingsway and, with the involvement of ex-Purpler Roger Glover, began learning the rock business from the other side of the mixing desk.

As time passed Gillan decided to return to performing and began recording a solo album with Glover producing. The project was eventually abandoned but Ian’s management was hot to get his Purple-linked name and face back into the public eye and ear.

Surrounding himself with seasoned musicians John Gustafson (bass), Ray Fenwick (guitar), Mike Moran (keyboards) and Mark Nauseef (drums) he recorded the well-received A Child In Time album (1976), before diverting to some ‘experimental’ rock albums for Island.

Gillan’s crew of well-journeyed rockers established a direction for themselves – no-frills, no-nonsense workingman’s hard stuff – on Clear Air Turbulence, and with only a few deviant highlights, Scarabus ploughed the same over-cultivated turf.

Ian Gillan
Ray Fenwick
Guitar, vocals
Mike Moran
John Gustafson
Bass, vocals
Mark Nauseef
Colin Towns
Keyboards, flute
Steve Byrd
John McCoy
Pete Barnacle
Bernie Tormé
Mick Underwood
Janick Gers