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Infa-Riot was originally formed in late 1979 by vocalist Lee Wilson and his bass playing brother Floyd together with guitarist Barry Damery and drummer Mark Reynolds.

Their first gig was supporting The Angelic Upstarts in a North London pub and within a year of forming, the band found themselves in Sounds newspaper courtesy of a live review by The Angelic Upstarts’ vocalist Mensi, who was impressed by their performance at Hornsey Community Centre (only their fourth gig).

While supporting Chelsea and The Dark at the Lyceum in London, they apparently blew both bands off stage and earned themselves the tag “the new boot boys sensations” in the countless fanzines they subsequently appeared in.

Their first issued recordings were two tracks (Riot Riot and We Outnumber You) on the Strength Through Oi! compilation in May 1981. Their first single was released in September 1981 on Secret Records.

This was the double A side Kids Of The 80’s/Still Out Of Order. Their second single (The Winner) was released in May 1982.

In August 1982 the group recorded and released their debut LP, Still Out Of Order. Secret Records threw in the towel after this release, leaving the band to find another label. At the close of 1983 they signed to Panache.

The band changed their name to The Infas and under this name they released the Sound & Fury album in February 1984, followed by a single of the same name. The band faded into oblivion shortly thereafter.

An attempted comeback came in November 1985 when they played a gig in Leeds. It was a good start, but it was evident that the band couldn’t regain the magic they had in the past. An LP of this gig was released by Link Records in September 1986.

Lee Wilson
Barry Damery
Floyd Wilson
Mark Reynolds