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I Spit On Your Gravy

I Spit on Your Gravy formed in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia.

In February 1985 the group issued their debut six-track EP, St Kilda’s Alright, which included a ten-page booklet entitled “Suck This Fred Nile” (the founder and leader of the Christian “Call to Australia Party”) , which local police declared was obscene and confiscated all available copies due to Negro’s “debauched” cartoons and photocopied pornographic images.


They issued a studio album, Fruit Loop City, in June 1987 and disbanded the following year, with Negro and Miles forming a spoof country music band called The Gravybillies.

Negro later fronted bands such as The Band Who Shot Liberty Valance and The Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre and maintained a significant underground presence in Melbourne, Australia.

Fred Negro
Jason “The Big J” Banner
Mark “Sausage Fingers” Carson
Scotti “Stix” Simpson
Drums, vocals
Phil “Grizzly” Miles
Guitar, vocals