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Jade Warrior

Formed in 1970, this British prog rock outfit centred on the multi-instrumental talents of Tony Duhig (guitar, bass, keyboards) and Jon Field (percussion, flute, guitar, keyboards), previously members of psychedelic pop act July. Glyn Havard (bass, vocals) completed the new venture.

Jade Warrior completed three albums for the Vertigo label, the second of which, Released (1971) expanded the lineup to include Allan Price (drums) and Dave Conners (saxophone). Last Autumn’s Dream (1972) introduced Duhig’s brother David (guitar) into the lineup.

Havard left the band when the fourth album, Eclipse, failed to secure a release. The founding duo also started a parallel career as session musicians.

Jade Warrior’s later releases on Island featured the core duo of Tony Duhig and Field and showed an even greater propensity for experimentation. None of them succeeded in elevating the band beyond cult status, however.

Following six years of inactivity, the band was reassembled by the Duhigs and Field for Horizon, but the reunion proved short-lived.

Tony Duhig and Field recorded one further album, the unrepresentative new age orientated At Peace (1989).

Duhig succumbed to a fatal heart attack in 1990 shortly after he had begun playing with Field, Dave Sturt (bass) and Colin Henson (guitar) in a new lineup of Jade Warrior.

Field carried on with the new outfit, releasing two further albums on the Red Hot label during the early 90s.

Tony Duhig
Guitar, bass, keyboards
Jon Field
Percussion, flute, guitar, keyboards
Glyn Havard
Bass, vocals
Allan Price
Dave Conners
David Duhig
Dave Sturt
Colin Henson