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Despite garnering critical acclaim on its 1970 release, Fly On Strangewings – the only album by this Surrey folk trio – lay forgotten by all but a handful of collectors. Whatever the reason, it certainly wasn’t because of the songwriting.

Like Sandy Denny, Marianne Segal’s songs mined a rich seam of poetic introspection with cut-glass English restraint and tunes that hang around long after their conclusion.


Echoes of Denny’s Who Knows Where The Time Goes? abound on the title track, Fly On Strangewings, but harder to pin down is the intuitive way Segal’s band tease out the drama in her songs.

Alan’s Song, written to remember a friend who had recently died, is easily worthy of a young Cat Stevens.

But best of all is the yearningly pretty Fly Me To The North, which sounds not so much written as retrieved from the communal subconscious.

Marianne Segal
Vocals, guitar, percussion
Dave Waite 

Guitar, banjo, bass, vocals
Rod Edwards

Keyboards, bass, vocals