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Through an early interest by Morrissey, James managed to get a recording contract with Factory Records based in their hometown, Manchester.

In 1990 they signed to the Fontana label and had three minor hits before reissuing an earlier recording, Sit Down, in 1991. It became their biggest hit to date.

1993’s album Laid, produced by Brian Eno, had a stripped-down and improvisational feel, and the sessions for the LP also produced a series of ambient jams which later surfaced on the Wah Wah album (1994).

Whiplash (1997) and Millionaires (1999) were largely disappointing and did not yield hit singles, despite effortless soaring tracks like I Know What I’m Here For and Just Like Fred Astaire.


A lengthy hiatus was broken by Pleased To Meet You (2001), which marked Brian Eno’s return as co-producer, but the finished product was less impressive than its predecessor and also failed to sell in large quantities.

Towards the end of 2001, Tim Booth announced his imminent departure from the group, though he hung around long enough to finish a farewell tour. Jim Glennie announced that the band would continue on in one form or another.

Tim Booth
Larry Gott
Jim Glennie
Gavan Whelan
Dave Baignton-Power
Saul Davis
Violin, percussion, guitar
Mark Hunter
Andy Diagram