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Jason & The Scorchers

Following a genuine buzz around their 1982 EP, Fervor, Illinois native Jason Ringenberg’s seminal cowpunk outfit (then known as Jason and the Nashville Scorchers) were soon snaffled by a major label for their first full-length effort, Lost & Found (1985).

The band lost none of its bristling intensity and the Nashville punk tag did nothing to disguise punchy, crunching pop songs like Last Time Around and White Lies.

Positioning themselves somewhere between Gram Parsons and Dr Feelgood, The Scorchers caught the ear of famous fans including Michael Stipe and Elvis Costello.

For 1986’s Still Standing, Cheap Trick producer Tom Werman endeavoured to patch up a band (Ringenberg excepted) disintegrating through over-indulgence in drink and drugs. Despite a few great originals and a fiery version of 19th Nervous Breakdown, they were falling apart.

Until their 1995 comeback A Blazing Grace, Jason And The Scorchers reserved their finest moments for the stage – living proof that country music could still be cool.

Jason Ringenberg
Warner Hodges
Jeff Johnson
Bass, vocals
Perry Baggs
Jon Brant
Ken Fox