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The roots of San Francisco band Jellyfish can be traced back to the dawn of the ’80s, when guitarist/keyboardist Roger Manning and lead singer Andy Sturmer (rock ‘n’ roll’s first great standup drummer) met in high school in the hyper-suburban community of Pleasanton, a short drive from Berkeley but worlds away from that bohemian town.

Their debut album, Bellybutton (1990), was near-perfect and one of the most exciting debuts of the 1990s.

Wildly ambitious, their Spilt Milk LP (1993) pushed the proverbial power pop envelope, its intricate arrangements and technicolour production eschewing the pop formalism of The Beatles and The Who by diving headfirst into Beach Boys/Queen territory.

The band’s dress sense was particularly colourful, with one critic observing that it could have been drawn from the wardrobes of colour blind charity shop consumers.

Roger Manning
Guitar, keyboards
Andy Sturmer   

Vocals, drums
Jason Faulkner

Chris Manning
Tim Smith

Bass, vocals