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Formed in 1971, Jook were the brainchild of Sparks manager John Hewlett, who introduced guitarist Trevor White to singer-songwriter Ian Kimmett and recruited bassist Ian Hampton and ex-John’s Children drummer Chris Townson.

The band name – also courtesy of Hewlett – was inspired by the song Duke (Jook) of Earl.


Jook’s uniform of braces, boots, and cropped hair drew a loyal skinhead following, and the band released a string of powerful Slade-like singles over five years: Alright With MeCity and Suburban BluesOo Oo RudieKing Capp (inspired by the cartoon character, Andy Capp) and Bish Bash Bosh.

Ultimately the band were destined to be one of the great also-rans of the 1970s, although all five singles are now rightly regarded as classic examples of British Glam Rock.

Ian Hampton and Trevor White joined Sparks, playing on their albums, Propaganda (1974) and Indiscreet (1975).

Ian ‘Ralf’ Kimmet 
Vocals, guitar
Trevor White 

Ian Hampton 

Chris Townson