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June Brides, The

This mid-80s pop band were built around lyricist, guitarist and singer Phil Wilson. Their independent sound was characterised by the unusual inclusion of a brass section.

Their first release was In The Rain followed by Every Conversation, on which That Petrol Emotion‘s John O’Neill was brought in to help with production.

Their only album – There Are Eight Million Stories (1985) – was disappointing in relation to singles such as No Place Called Home.

Frank guested on other Creation recordings and had another ‘claim to fame’ after being beaten up badly by skinheads while trying to protect a pregnant woman.

Media darlings for a couple of months, The June Brides quickly departed from the scene because of “frustration, lack of money and some of us no longer enjoying being in the band”.

Phil Wilson
Vocals, guitar
Simon Beesley
Vocals, guitar
Jon Hunter