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Kajagoogoo began life as a prog rock band called Art Nouveau – and then they met singer Chris Hamill who rearranged the letters of his surname and became Limahl.

Given an unseemly leg-up by the attention of their producer (Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran) and then Radio 1 DJ Paul Gambaccini, Kajagoogoo’s debut single, Too Shy, sneaked to #1 in the UK in February 1983.

Following two more Top 20 hits, Ooh To Be Aah and Hang On Now (both riddled with every 80s cliché imaginableit was downhill all the way.

By the end of 1983, Limahl had left the group for a similarly ignominious solo career. He did, however, manage one giant hit with Never Ending Story – a glorious slice of Georgio Moroder-written and produced Europop. The one moment of delight really, in this whole sorry saga.

Bassist Nick Beggs took over vocal duties with the band, and immediately prior to the ultimate death of Kajagoogoo in 1984 they called themselves simply Kaja, and were a laughing stock.

Limahl (Chris Hamill)
Steve Askew

Nick Beggs
Bass, vocals
Stuart Croxford Neale
Jez Strode