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King Kurt

Formed in 1983, this crazed psychobilly sextet immediately hit pay dirt with the Top 40 single Destination Zululand.

Made infamous by notorious live shows in which audiences were doused in flour, water and – if they were really lucky – animal innards, they had two lesser hits, Mack The Knife and Banana Banana but by 1987 they could barely limp to #67 for one week with their final chart-botherer Land Of Ring Dang Do.

The band re-formed in 1992 but were sick of the sight of each other again by 1996. Several of the band members subsequently moved to Canada (where guitarist Paul “Thwack” Laventhol ran a bar in Toronto called Ted’s Wrecking Yard).

Drummer Rory Lyons worked as a Tour Manager and sold fruit and veg at London’s Spitalfields Market. Guitarist John Reddington became a lawyer, specialising in trademarks.

Gary ‘Smeg’ Cayton 
Paul ‘Thwack’ Laventhol 

John Reddington 

Robert ‘Bert’ Boustead 

Alan ‘Maggot’ Power 

Rory Lyons