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Kula Shaker

If Blur were the McCartney of the Britpop party, and Oasis were the Lennon, Kula Shaker were the George Harrison. Heavily influenced by Indian music, their debut album K was a reawakening of that moment in the 60s when groovy pop got a bit giddy on sitars and began to take itself incredibly seriously.

Their single Tattva was unique in that it was sung partly in Sanskrit. The mantra “Achintya Bheda Abheda Tattva” had been uttered to singer Crispian Mills (son of 60s screen legend Hayley Mills) by two different people separated by half the world in the space of a week – and he built a song around it that told of the relationship between God and man.

A 2,000-copy limited edition first time around, it was reissued six months later and took the band to the charts in Beatles-esque glory.

Crispian Mills
Vocals, guitar
Alonza Bevin

Bass, piano, tabla, vocals
Jay Darlington

Paul Winterhart