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Last Resort, The

The Last Resort formed in 1980 after Roi Pearce had seen a band called The Rivals rehearsing. He met up with a guitarist called Charlie Duggan and Graham Saxby was recruited on vocals. At a subsequent Rivals gig, they found a drummer called Andy Benfield.

Saxby left the band in early 1981, with Roi taking over on vocals and Arthur Kay being recruited to take over bass duties. This line-up played on the Strength Thru Oi! and Carry On Oi! compilation albums and recorded the band’s first album – A Way Of Life – Skinhead Anthems – which was originally released on their own Last Resort records in 1982.

Constantly being blamed for acts of violence at or near their gigs (which, in fact, had nothing to do with the band and were blown out of all proportion by the anti-Oi! media at the time) the group split-up following a gig with The Business and The 4 Skins at the Hambrough Tavern in Southall, when the venue was attacked and set on fire by locals.

Roi went on to become the vocalist with The 4 Skins.

The name The Last Resort came from a shop catering for those of the skinhead persuasion and lifestyle, owned by Micky French – who happily agreed to let the band share the name.

Roi Pearce
Vocals, bass
Charlie Duggan
Graham Saxby
Andy Benfield
Arthur Kay