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Let’s Active

Mitch Easter and childhood friend Chris Stamey formed various bands in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, culminating in The Sneakers in the mid-70s.

After Stamey left for New York (and The dB’s), Easter set about assembling a quality recording facility, ‘Drive-In Studio’, in his garage. He produced and/or engineered records by Stamey, Pylon, R.E.M. and Beat Rodeo. He also recorded two solo tracks that appeared on Shake Records’ Shake To Date compilation.

Easter then formed Let’s Active with Faye Hunter (bass) and Sara Romweber (drums) and soon signed to IRS.

The band then commenced a national tour with loyal supporters R.E.M. adding Lynn Blakey (guitar and keyboards) to the touring lineup.

Sara Romweber quit the band during a UK tour in 1984 (following the release of their Cypress album) and Hunter and Easter (who were also a couple) split up shortly afterwards.

Easter continued to play as Let’s Active with Hunter and two members of The Windbreakers, Jay Peck (drums) and Tim Lee (keyboards) until a new permanent lineup was established.

In 1985, Easter brought rock journalist Angie Carlson into the band to play guitar and keyboards. After Hunter’s departure, Carlson also took on a role as vocalist, and would later marry Easter.

The band’s second full-length album, Big Plans for Everybody (1986), was largely a solo recording by Easter, who played most of the instruments himself and handled the mixing and production.

On board for a few tracks were Carlson, Hunter, and drummers Rob Ladd and Eric Marshall.

Dennis Ambrose played bass at the beginning of the group’s 1986 tour, with the lineup of Easter, Carlson and Marshall. Ambrose was later replaced on bass by Janine Cooper Ayres.

By the time of the third and final album, Every Dog Has His Day (1988), the band’s sound had evolved into harder-edged power pop. Once again, the album was largely recorded by Easter and Marshall, with significant contributions by Carlson.

The subsequent tour featured a performing lineup of Easter, Carlson, Marshall and Jon Heames (bass).

The band called it a day in early 1990, with Easter and Carlson splitting up around the same time.

Original bassist Faye Hunter committed suicide on 20 July 2013 in Advance, North Carolina. She was 59 years old.

Mitch Easter
Vocals, guitar
Faye Hunter
Lynn Blakey
Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Sara Romweber
Angie Carlson
Keyboards, guitar, vocals
Eric Marshall
Dennis Ambrose
Janine Cooper Ayres
Jon Heames