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Level 42

Formed in 1980 by dexterously-thumbed bassman Mark King, Brit-funk pioneers Level 42 scored 29 hits, including Lessons In Love (#1 in eight countries) before succumbing to the pressures of success.

Jazz-funk pomp gave way to jazz-rock decline and then it all went a bit cod-Weather Report.


When Phil and Boon Gould left the band in 1987 (for health reasons), Mark King and Mike Lindup tried to continue the band, ending with a gig at the Royal Albert Hall in 1994.

A number of top-flight players passed through this version of the band, including Gary Husband (drums), Jakko Jakszyk (guitar), Allan Holdsworth (guitar) and the band’s producer, Wally Badarou.

Mark King continues to record, working through the internet from his Isle of Wight home.

He also owns the rights to the name Level 42, thus can whip out a touring version of the band whenever the fancy takes him.

Mark King
Bass, vocals
Rowland ‘Boon’ Gould
Mike Lindup
Keyboards, vocals
Phil Gould