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Little Heroes, The

The Little Heroes formed in Melbourne (Australia) in 1980 from the ashes of an outfit called Secret Police.


They walked off with the 1980 National Battle of the Sounds grand final which led to a record deal with Giant Records and a debut album which was not viewed terribly fondly by either the band or the public.

It was not until mid-1982 that they were able to break through the radio barrier and establish themselves as a major league act in Australia. The key was their single, One Perfect Day, which rocketed to #4 in the charts.

This was followed by a second (infinitely superior) album, Play By Numbers, and follow-up single Young Hearts.

The creative nucleus of Little Heroes was lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Roger Hart, a much-travelled lad from an art school background who painted professionally under the name Roger Wells.


Roger was working as a tram conductor in the mid-70s when he formed a group called The Cruisers with Flowers drummer John Lloyd and Paul Kelly & The Dots guitarist Chris Dyson.

At the same time he earned a BA in philosophy at Melbourne University and a Diploma of Education at Melbourne State College.

Little Heroes underwent several line-up changes since their inception, with Roger the only member remaining from the original unit.

Roger Hart
Vocals, guitar
Martin Fisher
Vocals, keyboards
Peter Leslie
Bass, vocals
Alan ‘Clutch’ Robertson

Anthony Tavasz
Paul Brickhill
Paul Bell
John Taylor
Bass, vocals
Martin Fisher
David Crosbie