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Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

Formed in 1983 in the famous Tennants Bar in Glasgow, they built a reputation for studenty, jangly and thoughtful guitar-pop.

Listening to the vignettes on The Commotions’ debut LP it is easy to figure that Lloyd Cole fancied himself as Norman Mailer but quickly abandoned every idea he had.

The evidence is all over Rattlesnakes, in a whirlwind of “wanna come back and check my bookshelves, babe?” references set to a luxuriant pop score. Imagine Leonard Cohen locked in a room with The Beatles and forced to come up with a hit, and that’s Rattlesnakes in a nutshell. Sensual massage oil for literate student poseurs.

Lawrence Donegan subsequently left the band to become a journalist.

Cole went solo in the early 90s – declaring his intentions in time-honoured fashion by sprouting facial hair – and started to produce his best work, especially the singles No Blue Skies and She’s a Girl and I’m a Man.

Lloyd Cole
Vocals, guitar
Neil Clark
Blair Cowan
Keyboards, vocals
Lawrence Donegan
Stephen Irvine