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Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice were a hard-working power pop band that were touted as being the next big thing from Western Australia.

loadeddice_3Formed in 1974, they started out as covers band primarily playing 60’s beat but specialising in Beatles songs. They went through a few line-up changes and gathered a large fan base.

They were signed to WEA, but big things never happened.

They had very good songs and were very good at making the crowd rock in their hometown but when they moved to Sydney it was hard to get the local crowds interested and it wasn’t long until they disbanded and returned home.

They released a couple of singles and an album which had a lot of energy just like their live shows, but poor sales pushed this album into the sale bins.

Dick Haynes
Vocals, bass
Phil Wolf
Guitar, vocals
Marty Mather
Guitar, vocals
Dave Eamus
Drums, vocals
Phillip Flanagan
Guitar, vocals
Tony Fox Slater