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Long Ryders, The

Hailing from Los Angeles, The Long Ryders based their sound on a blend of psychedelia, country and garage rock.

Sid ‘Chops’ Griffin’s outfit mixed The Byrds‘ Rickenbacker jangle, the Flying Burrito Brothers‘ sense of melody and harmony, Gram Parsons‘ wayward spirit and The Clash‘s energy.


Though State of Our Union (1986) was their major-label debut album, their indie releases 10-5-60 (1983) and Native Sons (1984) put the country-rocking Ryders in the advance guard of the guitar-toting American roots brigade.

Rarely had a band’s heart been more solidly in the right place and worn so openly on its sleeve.

Sid ‘Chops’ Griffin
Vocals, guitar
Stephen McCarthy
Guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, banjo
Des Brewer
Greg Sowders
Tom Stevens