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Long Tall Shorty

A London band originally known as The Indicators, Long Tall Shorty were immensely popular on the mod revival club circuit.

Fronted by Keith Mono, they recorded By Your Love for Warner Brothers but the record was mysteriously withdrawn after a week (rumours suggest as few as 250 copies exist), making it prized among mod revival collectors.

By Your Love was one of a trio of 45’s with consecutive catalogue numbers, produced by Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69. Long Tall Shorty actually recorded an entire album with the Sham 69 singer, 1970’s Boy, but that too was scrapped – until exhumed by the Captain Mod label on CD in 1997.


Mono was replaced by Tony Perfect for Win Or Lose, issued on the Ramkup label. The single appeared exactly two years after their debut, and three months after a Lyntone flexidisc, If I Was You, issued through Direction Reaction Creation fanzine.

Later, the band released two singles for Diamond, On The Streets and a re-recording of Win Or Lose.

Two members of LTS later joined the Angelic Upstarts for a while, with Tony Perfect changing his name to Tony Feedback. Stewart England joined the Foreign legion.

LTS reunited on several occasions and recorded Anti-CND as Joe Public while drummer Derwent played with bands called Case and Rage.

Keith Mono
Tony Perfect
Guitar, bass, vocals
Stewart England
Mike Morrison
Derwent Jaconelli 
Jimmy Grant
Mark Reynolds