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Lonnie Lee

In February 1957 Lonnie Lee entered an Elvis Presley impersonation contest at the Trocadero nightclub in Sydney, Australia.

He won and greatly impressed the compere, Johnny O’Keefe who provided Lee with his first hit, Ain’t It So (December 1959).

Lee’s biggest hit was Starlight Starbright which made #1 in Australia in February 1960.

On 27 June 1960 Lee was the first person to arrive on the scene following Johnny O’Keefe’s near-fatal accident on the Pacific Highway near Kempsey (NSW).

In 1965, his A Country Boy At Heart LP was the first Australian album to be totally recorded in stereo.

In August 1971, Lonnie attempted a chart comeback and released a re-recorded version of Starlight Starbright on Festival’s Sunshine label. The disc was unsuccessful.