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Los Mockers

Los Mockers formed as a college band in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1963.

They were originally called Los Encadenados (“The Chained Ones”) and played instrumentals in the style of The Shadows and cover versions of Little Richard and anything they had heard on the radio.

By 1965, they had experienced the British Invasion and discovered the R&B of The Rolling Stones‘ early records. They had found their new sound.

They changed their name to Los Mockers (after hearing about the fights in Britain between Mods and Rockers).

Moving to Argentina in 1966, they scored a recording contract with EMI Argentina.

They released the single I Wanna Go and a self-titled album, but with little success. Followup singles Empty Harem and Captain Grey also failed to make any significant impact.


The band returned, disheartened, to Uruguay in 1967. Girl You Won’t Succeed was the last song they recorded before dissolving later that year.

Drummer Beto Freigeda died in a traffic accident in 1972 in Montevideo.

They briefly reunited in 2006.

‘Wild’ Polo Pereira
Vocals, rhythm guitar
Jorge Fernández
Lead guitar, vocals
Julio Montero 
Bass, vocals
Esteban Hirschfield
Organ, piano, vocals, harmonica
‘Beto’ Freigeda