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Love And Rockets

This avant-garde UK rock band formed at Christmas 1985 from the ashes of Bauhaus.

Early singles included Kundalini Express (concerning tantric meditation) and a cover of The Temptations‘ Ball of Confusion.

The band’s debut album, Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (1985), was a celebration of the rituals of youth, based loosely on their own experiences of going to rock concerts to see bands such as Roxy Music.

Like all of the post-Bauhaus projects, the band failed to cultivate a UK audience to rival their previous standing. However, they had a Top 5 hit single in the USA in 1989 with the hard-rocking So Alive.

Both Ash and Jay concentrated on their solo careers before Love and Rockets returned with Hot Trip To Heaven, a bold, dance-oriented record.

Following the Glittering Darkness EP, the band jettisoned the ambient dance approach for the Sweet F.A. album, which featured the moderately successful single, Sweet Love Hangover.

Beggars Banquet dropped the band in 1997 and, following one further release, the members elected to return to their solo careers.

David Jay
Vocals, bass, keyboards
Daniel Ash
Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Kevin Haskins