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Love Sculpture

Love Sculpture evolved out of a band called Human Beans which had formed in Wales in 1967. After releasing one single, Morning Dew (1967) on Columbia, they changed their name in 1968.


Thanks to their record company’s desire to cash in on the British blues boom, Love Sculpture’s debut LP, Blues Helping (1968), was primarily a collection of high energy covers of blues standards by, among others, Freddie KingBB King, Elmore James and Willie Dixon, all fuelled by Dave Edmunds‘ incendiary guitar work.

Their second (and final) album, Forms & Feelings (1970) was co-produced by Edmunds and showed a notable move away from the rootsy flavour of its predecessor towards something more consciously experimental, complete with re-workings of themes from Bizet and Holst, and the showpiece – an 11-minute torching of Khatachurian’s Sabre Dance (a different version to their 1968 hit single).

The band split in 1970 with Dave Edmunds going solo and topping the UK charts with his version of Smiley Lewis‘s I Hear You Knocking – which also broke the US Top 10. Mickey Gee and Terry Williams joined Man.

Dave Edmunds
Vocals, guitar
Tommy Riley
John Williams
Bob ‘Congo’ Jones
Terry Williams
Mickey Gee