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Lurkers, The

The Lurkers formed in 1977 and spent the year on the fringes of the punk movement, gigging outside London at badly chosen and totally unsuitable venues, inside London as support to the likes of 999 at places like The Red Cow and The Roxy.


They tied up with Beggars Banquet, released a couple of singles and had a track on the Beggars Banquet Streets compilation.

They worked hard, played lots of gigs, and turned into 1978 with a thick, hardcore following – enough to push their third single, Ain’t Got A Clue, into the charts with a Top Of The Pops appearance, and to give their album Fulham Fallout – a collection of 14 loud, monotonous, rhythm-dominated songs – a few weeks in the top 50.

The band broke up at the end of 1979 but returned in 1982 with the single This Dirty Town and new vocalist Marc Fincham.

Howard Wall
Pete Stride

Guitar, vocals
Nigel Moore 

Manic Esso (Pete Haynes)

Arturo Bassick
Kym Bradshaw
Marc Fincham