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Maggie Bell

Margaret “Maggie” Bell was born on 12 January 1945, at Maryhill, Glasgow, in Scotland. She began singing in her teenage years and left school at the age of fifteen to work as a window dresser by day and singer at night with a number of local bands.

Maggie joined a group called The Power of Music (which was eventually shortened to Power) and performed regularly at US Air Force bases Germany in the mid-1960s.


Peter Grant (who was managing The Yardbirds at the time) heard Power at one of these bases, was impressed by the vocal ability of Bell and the guitar playing of Les Harvey and agreed to produce and manage them – renaming the group Stone The Crows in the process.

Stone the Crows split up following the accidental death by electrocution of Les Harvey on 2 May 1972. Peter Grant continued to manage Maggie and arranged for her to record a solo album, Queen Of The Night (1973), which she did in New York with Atlantic producer Jerry Wexler.