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Mahogany Rush

Canada’s Mahogany Rush were led by lead guitarist/vocalist Frank Marino, who was indelibly influenced by Jimi Hendrix, and his music shamelessly reflected this.

Marino pushed his Hendrix acolyte credentials to the limit on the band’s fourth and fifth outings.


The nine-song IV (1976) featured numerous effects-laden guitar-dominated numbers, with Hendrix-esque vocals, overdriven keyboards, strings and harmonies (such as the opener, I’m Going Anyway and The Answer ).

The eight-song World Anthem (1977) was Marino’s effort to unite the world through music (via psych-tinged rock like Requiem For A Sinner and the 11-minute Try For Freedom ). The world, sadly, didn’t pay much heed.

If anything held Mahogany Rush back, it was the fact that everything they tried had been done before. But it was rarely done as well, or with such talent.

Frank Marino
Guitar, vocals
Vince Marino 

Paul Harwood 

Jimmy Ayoub