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Marty Rhone

Marty Rhone was born Karel Lawrence van Rhoon in the Dutch East Indies in 1948.

His family moved to Australia in the 1950s and he appeared on a talent quest segment of The Tarax Show television series and was offered a singing spot on a children’s show called Kaper Kabaret.

After appearing on teen music show, Saturday Date in 1965 Rhone was signed to a recording contract and released his debut single, Nature Boy.

For his next two singles, Thirteen Women and I Want You Back Again, he was backed by label mates, The Soul Agents – a respected Sydney band comprising Marty Van Wynk, John Green, Barry Kelly, Gerry Dean and Roger Felice-Andrews.

None of his singles charted and in March 1970 Rhone was conscripted for National Service until 1972 – with far less fanfare than Normie Rowe.

During his military service, he attended the Royal Military College, Duntroon, as a member of their band.

From April 1972 to July 1973 he acted in the Australian stage version of Godspell and made appearances in such Aussie soapies as Number 96 and Class of 74.

martyrhoneBy mid-1975 Rhone had changed record labels and issued his next single, Denim and Lace, which peaked at #2 on the Australian chart.

In June 1977 he had another hit with Mean Pair of Jeans, which reached #11.

In 1978 Rhone relocated to London and took the romantic lead in the London Palladium presentation of The King and I alongside Yul Brynner.

In 1987, Marty Rhone became the business manager for boxing champions the Waters Brothers – Troy, Dean and Guy – who are the sons of trainer Cec Waters.