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Mighty Baby

From the blazing psychedelia of their blistering self-titled debut album (November 1969) to the mellow sounds of their swansong, A Jug Of Love (1971), Mighty Baby combined elements of blues, folk, jazz and psychedelia and became one of the best-loved underground bands in British rock history.

Forming from the ashes of London mod supremos The Action, the band became a fixture at open-air festivals. Live, their music stretched out into infinity on set-piece jams like India.

On their day, Mighty Baby was the nearest Britain ever came to The Grateful Dead – with better singing and with the same egoless charm. Of course, on a bad night, they were almost unlistenable.

Bassist Mike Evans passed away in January 2010.


Ian Whiteman
Vocals, keyboards, flute, saxophone
Alan ‘Bam’ King
Guitar, vocals
Martin Stone
Michael ‘Ace’ Evans
Bass, vocals
Roger Powell