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Milk ‘N’ Cookies

This four-piece power pop band from Long Island, NY, formed in 1973 and released their self-titled debut album in 1976.

The group denounced punk and New Wave but lead singer Justin Strauss had an emasculated coquettish glam-pop delivery that was perfect for the times.


Their lack of worldwide fame was due, no doubt, in no small part to their sickly boy-next-door wholesome image (think David Cassidy or The Bay City Rollers), but their music had elements of The Monkees, The MC5 and The Ramones.

When Island offered Ian North a solo deal, he left Milk ‘N’ Cookies and moved to London, forming a new group called Ian’s Radio, which eventually became Neo. By this time, Sal Maida had quit the group as well, to play with Sparks.

Without North, who had written all of the band’s material, the remaining members of Milk ‘n’ Cookies recorded a few more demos but no further albums were ever released.

The band reunited in 2005 to play at the Radio Heartbeat Power Pop Fest in Brooklyn.

Justin Strauss
Ian North
Guitar, vocals
Jay Weiss
Sal Maida
Mike Ruiz