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Models, The

The Models formed in 1978 from the remnants of two ill-fated Suicide record label bands, Teenage Radio Stars and Jab.

Their first vinyl release was a giveaway single in November 1979, entitled Early Morning Brain. The band was dissatisfied with the single’s release and temporarily broke up as a result.

Re-forming shortly thereafter, the band drove to Sydney to record some demos with ex-Easybeats Harry Vanda and George Young. The band ended up releasing two of the tracks; Progressive Office Pools and Owe You Nothing in early 1980.

The self-financed album AlphaBravoCharlieDelta was released in November 1980. Although an artistic success, the LP was not well-received and flopped commercially, although it did win them a contract with Mushroom Records.

In 1981 the band released a 10″ mini-album called Cut Lunch. Two tracks stood out; Atlantic Romantic and Two Cabs To The Toucan.

Signing an international deal with AM&M, The Models headed for the UK and recorded Local And/Or General. The band also underwent frequent lineup changes, with Buster Stiggs, John Rowell and Graham Scott joining at various stages, and Mark Ferrie leaving.


In 1985, Freud wrote the single Out Of Mind Out Of Sight which reached #1 in Australia and #36 in the USA. He also wrote Barbados, another of the band’s hits.

The band’s sax player, James Valentine, left the band in February 1987 to take up a position as a presenter on the ABC’s children’s television program The Afternoon Show.

When The Models called it a day in 1988 James Freud’s solo career was hampered by alcoholism. He eventually committed suicide at his home in Hawthorn, Melbourne, on 4 November 2010. He was 51.

Sean Kelly
Vocals, guitar
Johnny Crash (Janis Freidenfelds)

Ash Wednesday

Buster Stiggs

Mark Ferrie

Bass, vocals
John Rowell

Graham Scott

James Freud (Colin McGlinchey)

Bass, vocals
Barton Price

Andrew Duffield
Keyboards, vocals
James Valentine

Roger Mason
Keyboards, vocals