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Modern Romance

Modern Romance emerged in 1981 from the remnants of UK punk band, the Leyton Buzzards. Singer Geoffrey Deanne and bass player David Jaymes’ initial attempts to blend in with the new romantic movement were unsuccessful, although the connections they made on the London club scene during this time were to aid their developing sound.

After a second flop, they introduced Jaymes’ brother Robbie on keyboards, Paul Gendler on guitar, Andy Kyriacou on drums and, crucially, baldie John Du Prez on trumpet.

They quickly recorded Everybody Salsa, which gave them their first UK Top 20 hit and set them at the forefront of the emerging Latin-American salsa craze which broke out in the summer of 1981.

It was followed by other successful material in a similar vein; Ay Ay Ay Ay MooseyQueen of The Rapping Scene, and Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.

At this point, Deanne left to release several solo singles and write for camp club act Divine. Former fireman Michael J Mullins was his replacement.

Their hit run continued in 1983 with Best Years Of Our Life, High Life and Walking In The Rain. A cover of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy the following year fared less well. They disbanded shortly afterwards.

David Jaymes released a solo single in 1988, while Deanne began writing comedy scripts. John Du Prez moved to Hollywood where he played on film scores.

Geoffrey Deanne
Paul Gendler
David Jaymes
Robbie Jaymes
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