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Mood Six

South-west London band Mood Six first popped up in 1982 as part of Britain’s short-lived pre-fab psychedelic revival. They debuted on the 1982 WEA new psychedelia compilation A Splash of Colour, contributing two tracks – the catchy Plastic Flowers and the atmospheric Just Like A Dream – although both owed as much to late 60s pop as to psychedelia.

The resulting publicity surrounding that scene led to an interview on BBC television’s Nationwide and a deal with EMI. The group issued their first official single, Hanging Around in 1982 – after the label vetoed their version of the Shocking Blue classic Venus – but parted from the label when the release of the follow-up, She’s Too Far (Out), was cancelled.

Mood Six re-emerged early in 1985 on the psychedelic reissue label Psycho, with The Difference Is… followed in May with a re-recording of Plastic Flowers.

The band then moved to the Cherry Red label for 1986’s classy What Have You Ever Done? drawn from the A Matter Of! album. But although Mood Six wrote endearing pop music, the final sound was occasionally bland and lacked a certain spark.

After the release of I Saw The Light in May 1987, the band broke up.

TRIVIA: In 1986, the band guested in the award-winning music video to the Moody Blues‘ single Your Wildest Dreams, playing a younger version of the band.

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