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Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

British feedback machine Ned’s Atomic Dustbin toured for over a year as the opening act for The Wonder StuffPop Will Eat Itself and Jesus Jones – exposure which helped their reputation as a live band bursting with energy band enthusiasm.

In return, their album God Fodder (1991) – which included their #1 UK indie hit Kill Your Television – became a steady alternate seller. Featuring duelling basses and hyperkinetic drums, the album merged danceable grooves with punk energy, thrilling a legion of skate punks and stage divers.

They released their second album, Are You Normal? in 1992, which was promoted by the singles Not Sleeping Around, Intact and, in some European countries, Walking Through Syrup.

Their final album, Brainbloodvolume (1995), boasted a more diverse sound than their previous releases, moving away from the distinctive twin bass set-up to incorporate samplers and keyboards.

The group disbanded in October 1995. They reunited in 2008.

Jonn Penney
Gareth “Rat” Pring
Alex Griffin
Lead bass
Matt Cheslin
Second bass
Dan Worton