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Outcasts, The

The Outcasts place in Northern Irish punk history was immortalised in the 2012 film Good Vibrations, about the infamous Belfast record label that was in the midst of a scene which inadvertently brought youth together from both sides of the sectarian divide.

Formed in 1977, The Outcasts comprised the three Cowan brothers; Greg (vocals/bass), Martin (guitar) and Colin (drums), plus their mate Colin ‘Getty’ Getwood on lead guitar.

Gaining in confidence as they progressed, by the end of the 70s they had released a number of singles and their first album, Self-Conscious Over You.

Following a period of inactivity whilst Greg recovered from a motorcycle crash, the band added a second drummer (16-year-old Raymond Falls) and introduced a harder, heavier sound.

Blood and Thunder, effectively their second album, compiled all the tracks they had recorded and mostly released on singles during 1981 and 1982. The stark, moody, tribal beat of Winter opened the record and their new musical direction was laid bare.

The snotty Frustration still stands up, as does the excellent anthem Mania that gained wider exposure thanks to its inclusion on the first Punk and Disorderly compilation album.

Tragically, drummer Colin Cowan was killed in a car crash before this album came out, but the band carried on.

The Outcasts reformed in 2010 and in August 2011 played at Rebellion festival in Blackpool, with Petesy Burns on bass and Brian Young on guitar.

Colin ‘Getty’ Getgood died in September 2016 following a long illness.

Greg Cowan 
Vocals, bass
Colin “Getty” Getwood 

Martin Cowan 

Colin Cowan 

Gordy Blair 

Raymond Falls