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Passions, The

The Passions formed in Shepherds Bush, west London, in 1978.  Guitarist Clive Timperley was formerly with The 101ers, whilst drummer Richard Williams and singer/guitarist Barbara Louise Gogan were in punk band The Derelicts.

Their first single, Needles and Pills ( March 1979), won them a recording contract with Fiction Records.

passions_005Their debut album, Michael and Miranda was released in 1980, followed by the singles Hunted and Swimmer. Bidwell and Barker left the band at this stage, with David Agar (once a member of the fledgeling Spandau Ballet) taking over duties on the bass.

Their big break came with a major chart hit in I’m In Love With a German Film Star (1981) – a misty, trance-like song featuring delicate echoplex guitar work from Timperley.

A second album, 30,000 Feet Over China, was released in August 1981 and included previously released A-sides and several brand new recordings.

Unfortunately, The Passions were unable to ever repeat the success they had with German Film Star and – after a number of line-up changes and tours of Europe and the US – eventually disbanded in 1983.

Barbara Gogan
Vocals, guitar
Clive Timperley

Guitar, vocals
Mitch Barker

Claire Bidwell
Bass, vocals
Richard Williams
Kevin Armstrong
David Agar
Jeff Smith
Stephen Wright 

Dack Dyde