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Paul Revere & The Raiders

Paul Revere and The Raiders were formed in Portland, Oregon in 1962 by vocalist/saxophonist Mark Lindsay – the heart-throb of the group – and organist Paul Revere.


Resplendent in American colonial military uniforms, their image matched their colourful records – which were far more polished than those of most of their contemporaries – and records on Jerden led to a contract with Columbia and a recording of Louie Louie that, although it never made the national charts, fought it out bitterly with The Kingsmen‘s version on the West Coast in 1963.

They continued recording raunchy dance songs until Steppin’ Out and the Kinks-derived Just Like Me (actually a cover of a local record by Rick Dey & The Wild Knights) led them into the ‘punk rock’ sound they epitomised so well.

They recorded a series of best-selling albums, including Here They ComeIn The BeginningMidnight RideSpirit of ’67Revolution and Something Happening.

But their on-stage comedy routines and historical military uniforms had pegged them as a teenybopper group and they were unable to make the transition required by late sixties rock audiences.

After dwindling sales and numerous personnel changes, they abbreviated their name to The Raiders and – despite a surprise return in 1971 with the #1, Indian Reservation – they faded away during the early seventies.


Revere continued leading line-ups of The Raiders, marrying onstage on 4 July 1976, and enjoying a career revival with the onset of punk, followed by renascent psych and grunge movements.

He continued to tour with long-serving members of the outfit through the 80s and 90s, occasionally releasing albums, such as Paul Revere Rides Again (1983).

After defying doctors’ orders for some time, Revere finally gave in to his battle with cancer and announced his retirement in August 2014.  He died peacefully at home in Garden Valley, Idaho, on 4 October 2014. He was 76.

Paul Revere (Paul Revere Dick)
Mark Lindsay
Vocals, saxophone
Drake Levin
Mike “Doc” Holliday
Phil Volk
Charlie Coe
Jim Valley
Keith Allison
Mike “Smitty” Smith
Joe Correro Jr